WORKSHOP 1 - Music is Therapy: Song Writing & Beats

A discussion of the history & origins of Sound & Frequency Therapy.
Participants will learn how the power of words, emotion & vibration affect your body, health & state of mind.
They will learn how to utilize music as a powerful tool with its ability to evoke strong emotional responses, releasing the dopamine & endorphins, which assist in coping with emotional stress and help them feel more confident, relaxed, cheerful and connected to the world around them.
Music Therapy facilitates neuroplasticity which aids in the healing process, reducing anxiety & depression, therefore positively influencing quality of life while improves mental health and boosts the immune system.
Participants will learn the step by step process of making a beat and practice writing their own song.

WORKSHOP 2 - Music Production & Video

A discussion about the first ever Disc Jockey’s and its origins plus in-depth explanation of software and equipment.
Participants will be taught by a musician how to write & record a song, and also how to incorporate self-expression into their music with confidence & passion.
Each participant will create their own artist persona; they will choose a name, genre and design a personalized look for their stage avatar.
Participants will also get to see behind the scenes footage of what it takes to create a music video.

WORKSHOP 3 - Music Business & Branding

An intro to storytelling, how to foster a healthy self-esteem & personal image.
Participants will learn how to create a business idea out of things they are passionate about in life.
They will get to see how hard work can be both fun and rewarding while building their empire.They will choose a business name, complete a mission statement and then are guided through the step-by-step process of registering a business.
They will learn the importance of building and maintaining a solid brand & design their own logo.

WORKSHOP 4 - Music Marketing & Social Media

Participants will learn the 5 P’s of marketing: Product, Price, Promotion, Place and People.
Participants will learn the importance of strong marketing strategy’s that help create brand awareness, drive profit and growth, acquire and retain customers and enhance engagement.
Participants will complete a list of goods, services, along with pricing and practice social media marketing techniques.
They will also learn how to create a flyer and market to the appropriate demographic.

WORKSHOP 5 - Music in the Matrix: HipHop 101 in Reverse

Participants will learn how the early pioneers of HipHop used music as a tool to manifest and obtain a better way of life to achieve their personal goals.
They will also learn how modern & traditional Indigenous culture can relate to HipHop fundamentally, while utilizing the same principles to reverse the negative stigma’s around HipHop.
This workshop is designed to bring all of the teachings of the previous workshops together so that all participants leave feeling a profound sense of knowledge in the music industry with a greater sense of purpose and awakened awareness to their own aspirations in life and business.


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